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ABVP releases manifesto and list of candidates

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AICTE APPROVAL FOR B.TECH COURSES BEING RUN IN DU The B.Tech course of DU has lost its credibility after roll-back of FYUP as it failed to gain approval from the All India Council of Technical Education(AICTE). On this issue the university refuses to take responsibility and claims that it is upto the respective colleges to gain AICTE’s approval. Saket Bahuguna says, “It is the university’s duty to provide recognition to its degree, we will take this issue to the HRD ministry and get it resolved”. BANK ACCOUNT FOR ALL STUDENTS ABVP’s Secretary candidate Kanika Shekhawat mentioned the need for students to open new bank accounts with special student facilities. SAFE AND SECURE CAMPUS FOR GIRLS The manifesto suggests certain points to provide safety and security to girl students. For instance, it talks of 24-7 helpline number and availability of lady police in all colleges with special need during cultural festivals. What outshines the list is the implementation of compulsory self-defense course and Women’s Development Cell (WDC) in each college. ACCOMODATION & TRANSPORT Accommodation is a major expense for out-station students who resolve to PGs and shared flats due to scarcity of college hostels. ABVP demands hostel facility for all such students along with effective implementation of room rent control act. The party also promises to work towards availing concessional metro pass for students with pass counters and feeder bus  facility in each campus. It emphasizes on the demand to start “U-Special” buses from different parts of Delhi to all on and off campus colleges. On having being questioned on a similar agenda from the past year’s manifesto, Kanika Shekhawat says, “The plan was unsuccessful due to lack of cooperation from students”. SAFETY  OF NORTH EASTERN STUDENTS Keeping the recent attacks on north eastern students in mind, ABVP has devised certain agendas to tackle the problem, such as, building separate hostels for them and organizing programs to showcase north-eastern culture. OTHER AGENDAS E-library, Wi-Fi connectivity, Installation of water coolers, Better canteens with hygienic food, etc. While the issues taken up are more or less similar to its opponents NSUI and AISA, ABVP’s 2014 manifesto surely impressed us with some path breaking agendas to deal with the same. Ishani Rajkhowa [email protected] Picture credits: Abhinav Arora [email protected]]]>

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