AISA releases manifesto and list of candidates for DUSU elections 2014

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It is that time of the year where we, the citizens of Delhi University, choose our leaders – The DUSU elections. The process for these elections, which will reach its climax on 12th of September 2014 with the elections, has already begun with the contesting parties declaring their manifesto and list of candidates.

One of these parties is All India Students’ Association popularly known as AISA. AISA declared its manifesto for the DUSU elections 2014 on 4th of September 2014. Here is a list of the major points that AISA brings out in its manifesto and hopes to achieve if elected.

Manifesto Highlights

Hostel Accommodation

Hostel accommodation is an important point being raised by all parties this year. A desire to have hostels in all colleges so that students are provided proper accommodation along with a proper rent regulation act is one of the major points that AISA wishes to take up.

Anti sexual harassment and discrimination cells

After various cases of sexual harassment and rape in Delhi there have been repeated efforts to ensure safety for women. One of those measures on college level by AISA would be the establishment of cells for the same in every college where girls can step up and raise their voice along with anti-discrimination cells to prevent the kind of discrimination happening with North- East and other students.

AISA has always been an advocate of women safety. After the gang-rape incident on 16th of December 2012 the led a movement called ‘Freedom without Fear’ demanding the Vishaka guidelines to be applied in all colleges.

Metro and bus passes for students

In an effort to better the transportation service for students, AISA demands concessional passes for students in Metro and recognition of student bus passes in all buses along with more connectivity by DTC buses and more DTC bus pass counters where none exist.

For this, AISA initiated a campaign interacting with 20,000 students on transportation and gathering their opinions and then mobilized students to Delhi Secretariat to demand proper and affordable transport facilities after which U-Special buses for girls in evening colleges were provided.
Many individual units of AISA keep holding protests for this cause.

Provisions for visually handicapped in libraries

AISA aims at making Braille books available in all Delhi University libraries for the aid of visually handicapped students.

Infrastructure development

Another major point in AISA’s manifesto is the development of all-round college infrastructures from water facilities to clean washrooms and classrooms and labs along with proper facilities and infrastructure for the physically handicapped students like ramps, sound indicators and other safety measures.

Merit cum means scholarship

Merit cum means scholarship is specifically for the economically weaker section of students and AISA aims at properly and strictly providing this scholarship to that section to ensure equal education to all.

Annual GBM for DUSU

Annual GBM’s will be conducted where DUSU will provide a proper annual report to maintain transparency and keep everyone informed of all decisions.

Other than these major points AISA also brings out other issues like:

Presidential debate before all DUSU elections
Stalling of unreasonable fee hikes
Reinstating the reevaluation process
Handling the FYUP B.Tech issue with a proper vision
More student participation in decision making process
Remedial classes for students
Hostel for PH students
Active grievance committees in colleges
Regulation of canteen rates

On 25th of July 2014 with 250 people and on 22nd of August 2014 with 1000 people AISA led protest marches bringing together all their major points like accommodation problems, ragging issue, women safety among others.

AISA’s list of candidates for DUSU elections 2014 are –

Madhurima Kundu, B.A Economics 3rd year, Hindu College – President
Aman Nawaz, M.A English, Dayal Singh College – Vice-President
Aman Gautam, B.A PROG 1st year, Sri Venkateswara college – Secretary
Vikramaditya, M.A Buddhist studies – Joint Secretary


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