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Sex Amma: My boyfriend buys ‘L’ sized condoms while in reality he needs size ‘S’!

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Q. Dear Amma. I have a boyfriend whom I love very much and we have regular sex. It’s all good except the fact that he keeps buying ‘L’ sized condoms while in reality he needs size ‘S’. It makes the sex rather awkward because the condom keeps slipping off and he keeps blaming the companies for making lousy products. How do I make him see that the companies aren’t at fault? I have no qualms about his size, but I’m sure it’ll offend him if I told him. Help!

A. A disillusioned dosa is just what Amma loves! I have seen some really petite dosas in my time. It is so difficult to make men understand that size doesn’t matter just as it is hard to make women believe that beauty doesn’t depend on their skin colour.

My dear macchhi, you will have to bring him out of this illusion in order to bring both of you at ease during the boom-boom.

Tell him that these are just standards created by those evil people working in corporate firms so that their penis-enhancing products can be sold. He doesn’t have to be ashamed of buying a small sized condom. Not everybody roams around with an eight-incher; four or five inches are perfectly NORMAL. Just be loving and be prepared for some days of cold-shouldering, but know that it’ll be worth it!


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