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Bipin Chandra – A life well lived.

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Bipin Chandra, it wasn’t the first time we had heard the name. In almost every Indian history lecture the name was repeatedly announced for the authors we needed to consult. Without actually knowing the iconic historian all students of history knew him for all the help his books had been in the last minute finishing up of assignments.
Born on 27 May 1928, Bipin Chandra bid his final goodbye to the world of history on 30th August 2014.
Bipin sir had not just one but many achievements under his belt and even after his departure he would continue to be a huge part of the history world for teachers and students alike.
He had completed his Ph.D from the University of Delhi after completing his education at Stanford University.
For many years he graced Hindu College as a lecturer and then a reader and one of his students and current professor at Hindu College, Mrs. Suchitra Gupta talked about his good old professor days and his passion for history at a condolence meeting organized by the history department of Hindu College on 1st of September. He then joined the Jawaharlal Nehru University as a professor of history but his career did not pause there. He was also the General President of the Indian History Congress in 1985 along with being a member of the University Grants Commission in 1993 and the Chairman of the National Book Trust, Delhi from 2004-2012.
In 2010, he reached heights by winning the Padma Bhushan Award. Bipin Sir carved a niche for himself in the historical world and while his body won’t be around anymore his ideas through books like Making of Modern India, In the Name of Democracy, Essays on Contemporary India, India’s Struggle for Independence 1857-1947 among many more will stay with us forever.

Isheeta is a hardcore writer and reader with an undying love for travelling. Her dream is to travel the world and write something about each part of the world in a way which has never been written before and for that she is aiming towards becoming a travel journalist. A student of history from Hindu College, she loves her college and her subject (well, parts of it). Romanticizing everything about this world in the head is her biggest weakness.

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