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Subversion of Statutes and Ordinances by the VC demanded at DUTA's annual GBM

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th of August 2014, the Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) held its Annual General Body Meeting (GBM) outside the Faculty of Arts. The GBM was organized to bring out and discuss the secretary’s report, treasurer’s report and the audited report for the academic year 2014-15.DUTA The meeting started with Nandita Narain, President of DUTA taking the stage. She began with a reference to the weather and said that “It is a good day today, it’s getting better, not just the weather of the day but the black clouds that surrounded us have also started to clear up”, The black clouds being an obvious reference to the Vice- Chancellor of Delhi University and his notoriously famous FYUP.DUTA Meeting 1 Mrs. Narain congratulated all the members on working hard in their respective colleges and departments and bringing victory at last and relief to their students who are without a doubt the most important part of a teacher’s life. Other agendas that were put forward are regular appointments of teachers and a correct implementation of the 200-point reservation roster.Duta 1 Others demands like Subversion of the Act, Statutes and Ordinances by the VC, Appointment and stability of teachers working on ad-hoc basis, Implementation of API made the list with the major issue of Removal of VC and to look into the White Paper issued by DUTA. The GBM was followed by a march to the VC’s office. Picture Credits: Chirag Sharma for DU Beat]]>

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