Project LEAP- Be an Educator, Be the Change

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Poverty, population and illiteracy are perhaps the biggest hindrance in the progress scale of India. There are thousands of children in our nation who either have no accessibility to schools or are a target of social and economic problems that hinder them from continuing their school life. Project LEAP primarily trains sincere and active volunteers as Educators, who further help in educating these  children.

Here are a few details about how this organization is effective at large measures. LEAP is a one year project that requires volunteer presence in school every working weekend (on the basis of specific school calendar).

Becoming I Foundation

Each Becoming I member is carefully trained to spearhead as well as create projects, the main idea behind it being to connect young people with community development projects on an international level. To instill the audacity to bring about powerful, sustainable change from within- remains the prime objective of this project LEAP.
Project LEAP

Project Leap is a planned and innovative intervention aimed at providing a wholesome learning and growing environment to every child in India. Students with underprivileged backgrounds are provided with a specialised curriculum which focuses on integrating dance, music, theater, art & craft, sports and public speaking with the NCERT curriculum

Thanks to its dedicated volunteers trained as ‘Educators’, this special integrated course helps to achieve a  three-fold impact:
– Increased Admission rates

– Decreased Dropout rates

– Greater learning outcomes

Volunteer role in LEAP

The Project Leap volunteer program is designed to provide an immersive leadership experience to young people interested in diving deep into the Impact Space. Volunteers, who have expertise in any one of the art forms mentioned above, should definitely be a part of such an effective and dedicated project. One must be equipped with qualities like utmost sincerity, professionalism and commitment to be an Educator. Those who wish to take up this challenge do sign up at:


The meeting schedules will be created based on your convenience.


Image source: www.becomingifoundation.org

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