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Five NGOs working for children in India you can volunteer at

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Are you tired of seeing bricks instead of books in hands of little children? Want to bring a positive change in the society? Or love teaching and managing events? Or just want to have an impressive resume? If answer to any of these questions comes out to be a ‘Yes’ then you must read on! Here’s a list of five top NGOs working for children betterment and education, health, employ-ability of of under privileged children:

1. MAD- Make a Difference.

Make a Difference is an NGO which works towards enabling children living in orphanages and street shelters to explore their potentials and encourages them to do what they are best at. A volunteer at MAD can choose to teach students subjects like Maths and English, think of creative ideas to create awareness  about different careers among students or be part of the event-managing team. MAD has its branches in 23 cities across India and impacts lives of over 5000 children. So, gear up to make a difference!




2. Swechha: We for change

Swechha is a non-profit organisation which bridges the gap between under privileged children and their  dreams of a better life through its learning program named ‘Pagdandi‘.Started back in 2009,this program focuses on children and adolescents of Jagdamba Camp, a slum based in South Delhi. With the vision of improving their education and employ-ability, a large group of volunteers works passionately under the guidance of experts. The basic aim of this program is to socially empower this group of people by enhancing their abilities and skills.

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3. The YP Foundation

People at YP foundation work to create awareness about human rights among young people. They aim to achieve a world where young people are enabled to influence policies in the areas of gender, sexuality, health, education, the arts & governance. The organisation expects its volunteers to dedicate their time, skill and interest in any branch of their own choice. This feminist youth-led and -run organization which was founded back in 2002 has set up 200 projects of its own. People can also opt to work as an intern at the organisation.

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4.Naz Foundation

Started back in 1994,the Naz Foundation mainly focuses on people affected by HIV/AIDS but at the same time also works on projects related to the lives of under privileged children. The foundation looks for volunteers who are willing to participate in children’s lives by teaching short art classes, music classes, or just spending time with the kids. The organisation welcomes passionate people with any amount of potential who can help children to grow in each and every aspect of their lives.

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5. Deepalaya

Deepalaya operates several schools which benefits more than 1,00,000 children. Its aim is the all-round development of the children and does not concentrate just on the academic sector. One can join Deepalaya as a volunteer or as an intern. A volunteer can choose to be a part of any field of his/her own choice. One is expected to teach children, bring out their talents and enhance them, assist in campaigning on various issues and do much more. Besides the regular stuff one can also join the technical staff and help with jobs like designing of documents, computer classes. software products, training and process documentation.

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If you want to utilize your time in doing something really productive then joining some NGO is probably the best option for you! Not only does that give you something to write on for your resume, but it also shapes you to be a better human being and gives a sense of satisfaction and happiness that nothing else but helping the needy can provide you with.


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