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Sex Amma: I love my boyfriend but I don’t want to lose my virginity right now!

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Q. Dear Amma, I am a one-man woman and believe in keeping myself pure for my future husband. I have a very understanding and loving boyfriend who doesn’t incessantly force me to have sex, but I am very sexually attracted to him and at times find it very difficult to restrain myself. I love him loads, but I keep fearing what if we don’t end up together and lose my virginity to him. What should I do?


A. Uff my troubled little macchi! Amma fails to understand the sanctity people associate with one’s virginity. It is not THAT big a deal, honestly. Don’t you want a taste of different waters, possibly something from saat samundar paar, before you lock yourself up in an aquarium for the rest of your life? And even if you don’t end up with your current boyfriend, what guarantee do you have that your future husband would be a fresh-from-the-tree-coconut, like yourself?

Virginity is over-rated, my dear little idli. But if you REALLY want to stay this way AND get some pleasure, just do the things that won’t harm your sacred hymen. Ask your man to go down on you; that will keep you sated for days. Other stuff you must know, kissing, cuddling and cute things.


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