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Inspiration and entertainment converge at SRCC Youth Conference

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SRCC Youth Conference (YC) 2014 brought together a line-up of speakers that truly captured the imagination of the students that attended the event. The first day of YC 2014 saw students turn up in huge numbers to be a part of the event. The speakers came from diverse fields but they all had one thing in common- the ability to connect with the audience and to inspire them. From waste management to music, the speakers provided an insight into their lives that kept the packed SRCC auditorium engaged despite the heat. In contrast to other speaker sessions however, YC managed to strike a balance between intellectual discussion and entertainment.

Nirmal Dave for instance talked about the realization that he could use his technological skills to positively impact the lives of people around him.

“Things that change your life can never be taught.” – Nirmal Dave

“You don’t need a degree in waste management, you need a pair of hands and a heart.” –  Jodi Underhill

Further, Jodi Underhill took students through the journey she undertook in her fight as the CEO of Waste Warriors to combat garbage, while Kartik Satyanarayan explained the fight for the conservation of wildlife like dancing bears and elephants.

Ajay Chaturvedi, the founder of HarVa illustrated the immense potential of rural India and the steps he has taken to tap into it. Dhruv Viswanath rather than simply going ahead and entertaining the crowd chose to take the opportunity to go ahead and explain the driving force behind his music. He mentioned the impact his father and family had on pushing him to pursue what he loved. The speakers received a standing ovation by the audience.

The morning session came to a close with a classic Dhruv Viswanath performance where he showcased his unique style of playing the guitar that is akin to greats like Ben Lapps.

“ Dream! Even if you are an engineer, dream! If you are an investment banker… not so much, but dream!”
“ Nobody wants to be an overnight success, you want to be stuff of legend. “
-Dhruv Viswanath

He performed two of his original compositions and concluded with covers of Get Lucky (Daft Punk) and Somebody that I used to know (Gotye/Walk off the Earth). The audience got a chance to hear real stories of real people who went out there and worked towards a goal they believed in.

In picture: Nirman Dave

Credits: Mehr Gill

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