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Gone are the days when owning a personal page on the worldwide web used to be a privilege. It’s now easier than you may think to share your voice with the world.  Have something to share? Start a blog!

You can practically write about anything – stuff that excites you, things you know about or even your life’s journal. People all over the world read, share and comment about your work. Not only will you learn, you can even earn from you blogs!

Once you decide a subject for your blog (trust me, it can be anything!), the next steps are easy.So let’s dive in and help you start your Blog!


Getting the Blog up!

To begin with, you need website that provides you a blogging platform. The service can be paid or free, depending on your needs and objectives.  Among the free options, Google’s Blogger is quite popular.

Head towww.blogger.com and sign in with (or signup for) your Google account. Choose a ‘Display Name’ which would appear as a sign under your posts.

Next, click on “Create Your Blog Now” and choose a heading for your blog along with a prefix for the “.blogspot.com” url. This will be your blog’s web address.

Now, choose a “Template” which would be your blog’s layout and the basic design. You’re ready to roll out your first post!


If your content is good and you start attracting some traffic, blogging can fetch you some great bucks! Google AdSense, the most popular monetization vehicle, integrates very easily into Blogger.

Select “Earnings” from the left sidebar, tap on AdSense, and make an account by providing necessary details.  Once the process is complete, you may add upto 3 AdSense widgets on Blog from “Add Gadgets” option under the “Layout” tab. Select your preferred positions for these banner ads and your blog is ready to mint you money! Though this requires a flow of traffic to your site, hey, you have to start from somewhere right?

So hit the keyboard and type your brains out, your personal blog awaits you.

Happy Blogging folks!


Exudes the curiosity & enthusiasm of a child, yet he surprises you with his tenacity. He prefers being called SyD and is addicted to playing video-games & watching Californication series! Technology is his opium & he is known among his peers for providing effective tech-help (and unconventional relationship advice!). Associated with various organizations & individuals, Syd is extremely fascinated by Human Psychology, Evolutionary Biology, Greek & Indian mythology, Cosmology, Natural Magic and of course, Bollywood. He likes to party like there's no tomorrow and lives by the phrase -hakuna matata! Ping him on [email protected] for any assistance or otherwise ^_^

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