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Hindu college served High Court notice for scrapping ECA admissions

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On July 4 2014, Hindu college in Delhi University released its decision of doing  away with its ECA and Sports quota seats reasoning corruption in the selection as the cause. In response, Vishal Maharaj,a student has filed a plea in the High Court against this decision. In reaction the plea, the High Court has now issued a notice to Hindu college under the bench of Justice Manmohan.

According to the University guidelines ,every college mustis required to reserve  5% of its total sanctioned seats in favor of students who excel in sports and other ECA activities.

The idea to scrap out sports and ECA quota seats has not been welcomed by students all over the college. College Society presidents have termed it a ‘hurried and a thoughtless’ decision by the authorities. Mayawi, President of the Western Dance group said, “Getting good artists is not just good  for the society or the student,but it is beneficial for the college as well.”

While many believe that the decision to scrap ECA admissions is because of the alleged corruption that had emerged during the trials, the students strongly feel that removing admissions through ECA completely will not act as an antidote to the issue. “There are other ways to handle corrupt activities, that is, if there are any,” says Shashank, president of the photography society, Vivre.

Aspiring dancers, photographers, budding writers, actors, and young sportspersons have often relied on these quota seats to fulfill their dreams. To them their talent is not a frivolous topic of debate that can be started and stopped as and when someone feels like. The principal and the Vice principal of Hindu college were both unavailable for any comments.

Surbhi Sharma
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