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In conversation with Archit Kumar of, a  portal providing high quality curated information for informed academic decision making.

Q: Briefly explain what Kochings is all about., simply put, is a listing and reviewing portal  for coaching institutes and home tutors. We’ve made this platform for students to be able to choose the correct institutes and tutors for their private coaching needs.  At, we are trying to solve three basic problems –

1. Problem of choice with regard to the number of coaching institutes existing in the market.

2. No structured rating and reviewing platform for coaching institutes, and

3. Dependence of decision making on word-of-mouth and marketing efforts of institutes.

We therefore, are building a web-based student driven solution where coaching institutes and home tutors can showcase their offering and students can search, compare, apply and review the same.

Q: Have you had competition in this field?

No, we have the first-mover’s advantage.

Q: How would you say has your college life fueled this venture?

I’ve had a history of leadership experiences right from school to college. I was the President of SRCC’s Economics Society. For a short while, I even headed  The Business Conclave, which is one of India’s biggest undergraduate management  festivals. In my final year at college, I went for The Jagriti Yatra,  a fifteen day train journey across the country. The motto of the Yatra is to build India through enterprise by turning job-seekers to job-creators. This was quite a boost for me.

Q: Given you do not hail from a tech background, what’s it like to handle a tech-educational start-up?

It is of course a challenge. But I guess that is what entrepreneurship is about –taking on your problems head-on and finding a solution to them. Currently we have outsourced this vertical but very soon we plan to bring it in-house.

Q:What is the most attractive feature of Kochings?

Kochings is a unique and one-of-its kind clutter-free platform. We are trying to provide information which is not easily available but plays an important role in the decision-making of a student i.e the average class size, the facilities, the faculty and the courses offered by the coaching institutes and home-tutors.

Q: What is your opinion on the prevalent compulsory-coaching culture of India?

Blame it on the population! The race towards good colleges has become so tight that a student can’t help but take coaching. I do not personally favor coaching. It’s taking the shape of societal pressure.


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