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New session in Delhi University starts with two cases of ragging reported

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DU Beat, Neeraj, Vice-President of AISA, Delhi, said that the main accused and his fellow aides had been rusticated from the college, and had never cleared any examinations, but continued to visit the campus for no other reason but to create mayhem and disturbance. When Puneet and Ravi questioned them, it allegedly resulted in Puneet’s head being smashed by using a broomstick. The students later went and complained to a teacher as the Principal was unavailable. Sources say their complaint was brushed aside. They were, however, taken to the Sundar Lal Jain Hospital, bandaged and sent home with their parents. A report has been filed for the incident at the Ashok Vihar police station. Neeraj said that by taking no action against the “goonda element”, the college is somehow legitimising the ragging and bullying of freshers. He also mentioned that there is no culture of orientation programmes in evening colleges, something that the rest of Delhi University enjoys. He urges the college to at least begin an anti-ragging awareness campaign, so that students coming into the University know what is to be done in the times of bullying. In another case of alleged ragging today at Shyamlal College, students were bullied by an NSUI member. Reportedly, he grabbed the students’ collars and asked some of them to drop their pants. Some girls protested and were hit by the accused’s aides. One student was hit hard on the head, and an accomplice also received some minor injuries. Amrish Ranjan Pandey, NSUI Spokesperson has dismissed these as rumours. “This has been done to spoil NSUI’s name. An official NSUI member knows not to get into such activities. The accused in this case has been heavily involved in anti-ragging campaigns, so he would never rag a student”, he went on to say.  This case is said to be due to a political tiff between ABVP and NSUI.  ]]>

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