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Ghosts of the British Raj: Of North Campus and its architecture

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Viceregal Lodge Initially the house of the Viceroys, the present Vice-Chancellor’s office is nothing short of a historical piece. It has witnessed several balls, sheltered families of British troops and even held capture Bhagat Singh and his two comrades in the Lodge’s dungeons. The high-ceiling rooms are a prominent characteristic of British style. The several arched entrances are also another feature that reminds one of the old days, irrespective of one’s actual presence during those days. St. Stephen’s College Designed by Sir Walter Skyes George, who accompanied Sir Edward Lutyens and Sir Herbert Baker in laying down the design of the capital complex of New Delhi, St. Stephen’s College shifted from a number of locations in Chandni Chowk and Kashmere Gate to its present site in the University complex in 1941. Another creation of Sir George is the Chapel housed in the college premises which is one of the most stunning highlights of the college. The red-brick walls of the college welcome you through the several arches on the ground floor. The college has had Englishmen as principals, lecturers and students for a very long time. Stephen's 2   Indraprastha College for Women With origins lying in Indraprastha Girls School, founded on the call of Annie Besant, IP College is the first women’s college in Delhi. After a number of shifts from Old Delhi to Chandrawali Bhawan to the present Alipore House site, its first Principal was Leonara Gmeiner. Alipore House, the then office of the Commander-in-Chief had hosted many parties and balls during the British prime. As a matter of fact, the current conference hall of the college was the actual ballroom and is known to have retained the original pillars and the arches. The college was declared a heritage site and thus, is bound to stay with the colour scheme, arches, high-ceilings, large windows and doors, and the ground floor in its architecture. The frontal appearance of the college cannot be altered. A major contributor of women in the freedom struggle, the front view of the college is a stark reminiscence of the British taste. ipcollege     Teaching and administration has since time immemorial commenced in these historic buildings, including participation in the freedom struggle. But, where exist such a plethora and deep reminders of our past, it is disappointing to know that Delhi University does not offer any Architectural courses. Infact, the monotonous History courses lack the much-needed practical landscaping and touring of these marvels. The city’s rich past is visible in the North Campus of its University. If any of you first-years get admitted in these colleges or get to have a tour/glimpse of the Lodge, remember: here, in the University loom the ghosts of the British Empire, and the dancing, drinking and merrymaking elite ghosts in the ballrooms. And, if you are lucky, you might just hear the howling in the dungeons of the Lodge.]]>

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