Here’s Timberman! : The new Flappy Bird?

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With Flappy Bird pulled down by GEARS Studios, there was a vacuum that needed to be filled. Flappy Bird taught us a new way to kill time – traveling long distances, waiting in never ending ques or attending a boring lecture (specifically!), it made it all seem fun. Though now, there are many (MANY!) alternatives to the game, it seems we somehow got over it – We don’t need to tap & flap anymore! But what if I tell you there’s an antidote – a viable alternative to the Flappy Bird! To base my claim, this game has recorded over 2.5 million downloads already in under 2 months on AppStore alone, with 1 million of its downloads occurring in the last three days!! So what makes Timberman special?

To be precise, all you’re doing is chopping down a tree trunk, by tapping on either side while avoiding the descending branches. Simple. However, after a few games (along with a few infuriating deaths), it hits! You soon find yourself drowned… Once you figure out the controls, timing & pacing and are able to hold on for a while, things get more interesting – the speed changes & you are required to tap faster, observe quicker and of course, shout louder if & when you fail! Once you make a good score, you can’t help but try and beat it, again & again… That’s it! You are now addicted to Timberman. You are playing it everywhere – couch, dining table, bedroom (bathroom anyone?).


One of the reasons it resembles Flappy Bird is because of the similar 8 bit look they share. Yet unlike Flappy Bird, it offer character & scenario customizations.  Much like Flappy Bird, the time between consecutive games is less, so you are constantly hooked to your phone! Incase you still need a testament, the game is among the top 5 apps (overall) in more than 20 countries and is the most-downloaded game in 8 countries (as of today)! The game is available for FREE on both Android & iOS So girls & guys, pick up your phones & indulge… ^-^

Exudes the curiosity & enthusiasm of a child, yet he surprises you with his tenacity. He prefers being called SyD and is addicted to playing video-games & watching Californication series! Technology is his opium & he is known among his peers for providing effective tech-help (and unconventional relationship advice!). Associated with various organizations & individuals, Syd is extremely fascinated by Human Psychology, Evolutionary Biology, Greek & Indian mythology, Cosmology, Natural Magic and of course, Bollywood. He likes to party like there's no tomorrow and lives by the phrase -hakuna matata! Ping him on [email protected] for any assistance or otherwise ^_^

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