Admissions 2014

Delhi University records more than 1,259 foreign applications for FYUP

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The 2014 Admission season has not only witnessed enthusiastic response from home students but also from foreign applicants.This year Delhi University has seen a significant rise in the admission applications by foreign students. The tally has increased to 1,259 applications in case of the Four Year Undergraduate Program, 609 applications in case of Masters programme and 107 applications for Phd. programmes.

Apart from the main programmes, Diploma courses, Certificate courses and advanced diploma courses have also received a significant number of applications from foreign students. 36 students have applied for M.Phil courses as well.

Coming to the demographics of the students, the maximum number of candidates were from Tibet with a number of 475 applications, followed by 237 students from Nepal and 127 students from Bhutan. We managed to contact an official from the Foreign Admissions Office who said,”This year the number of foreign students applications have increased and there has been significant interest by students of Tibet and Bhutan. It shows how Delhi University is growing in popularity.”

The University has received applications from African students who want to study Hindi and Sanskrit while some French students have opted for Punjabi.Most of these countries provide accommodation through their embassy connections. Delhi University reserves 5% seats fro foreign students whereas a majority of colleges provide relaxation in cut offs for such students too.

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