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5 things we hate about summer

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We all know that the climate in Delhi is virtually divided into two parts- the bone chilling, teeth chattering winters and the face melting, rash inflicting summers. Now that the cold has died away, we, the analysts in DU Beat have meticulously jotted down the 5 things that even the best of us end up hating about summers:
Sweat it out: Whether we’re talking about embarrassing stains they leave on our clothes when we’re out or that icky feeling of brushing against some stranger’s sweaty arm, I think we can all agree that sweating is one of the worst things about summer.

Zombie Apocalypse: With all the heat and the drudgery that the summer heat brings along, it does not take much time for almost every Delhite to become a part of the un-dead horde. Inanimate faces, dragging limbs and reeking body odour everywhere.  Summer in Delhi is a perfect holiday for shuffling corpses (“Thriller” remake anyone? Anyone?)


The great queue: Be it you trying to fill your examination form, driving to the office or just trying to relieve the pressure in your bowels, there is, by the rule of law, a queue, the length of which is inversely proportional to two factors:

a) the amount of time you can spare
b) the urgency of your work
Now multiply that dilemma with say a 40 degree Celsius temperature and I assure you that you will find religion.


Lengthier day cycles: We have all learnt that summers mean longer day cycles (ignore this if you were the one snoozing at the last bench with me). Now, longer days mean longer time in the blazing heat, lengthier lectures and a lengthier wait on the queue I just mentioned earlier.












Water shortage: Get ready to listen to the dry, hollow whistle of your household taps as it tries to cough up some water (don’t blame the poor chap, it tries its best). Parched throats and rabid demand for packaged water are common syndromes of the summer blaze. Oh and I would strongly advise you to avoid using shampoos. The shower has a nasty habit of running dry just after you apply a thick lather of shampoo (And when the shampoo gets into your eye, and you’ve run out of water, you will know pain like no other)

extreme thirst








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