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Ramanujan College celebrates Computer Science and IT with Turington 2014

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DSCN2268   The first event of the day was Game ff Codes which was based on C++ Coding. The event was conducted in two rounds. The first round included 15 teams from colleges like G.B. Pant, DTU, Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Ramanujan College battling it out to proceed to the final round. In this round the participants had to answer a series of multiple choice questions in a 30 minute time span. The top six teams made it through to the final round where they were given one hour to create two C ++ Codes. The fastest team, which turned out to be Yashbir and Prashant from G.B. Pant, was declared the winner. The second event of the day was the IT Debate, which was conducted in the auditorium. There were two rounds in this event as well. The first round was more of an extempore where participants were given 1:30 minutes to speak on the topic given to them and a grace of 30 seconds to sum up their conclusion. The participants were given the freedom to choose their stance on the topic. However, in the second round this was not the case. It was followed in a turncoat format, that is, each participant had to speak both for and against the motion. A total of 5 minutes was given to each participant. The winner of this event was Deepu from Deshbandhu College who spoke on the topic “Social Networking Sites are a threat to society” and the second prize went to Lashika from Ramanujan College. A few other events were taking place together in three different locations. LAN Gaming included Counter Strike where 6 teams of 5 members from DTU, Maharaja Agrasen, JIMS, Deshbandhu and Ramanujan were battling it out for the first position. Each match was of 5 rounds and the winning team needed 3 to win. The winners were Sohail, Amay, Pawan,Prince and Sparsh from Maharaja Agrasen College while the second prize went to Sameer, Abhijeet and Harshvardhan from Ramanujan College. Another popular gaming event was Flappy Bird. The rules were simple. Each participant was to be given two chances and the summation of points scored in these two chances would ultimately decide the winner. FIFA too had a good amount of registrations coming in from different colleges. A knockout system was followed and out of 10 participants, 3 were sent to the final round which was held on Day 2. rubik's cube (3) Another attraction was the Rubix Cube event. There were about 12 participants from colleges like G.B. Pant, Ramanujan, Maharaja Agrasen, SRCC and Deshbandhu. There were two rounds. The first round demanded the participants to complete one colour within 3 minutes. Then a pattern was given to the participants who had to complete the pattern in 2 and half minutes. In the final round, the participants had to complete the whole Rubix Cube and the fastest one to do so was Vishal Bhatt from G.B. Pant who won the first prize. Finally the treasure hunt was conducted in the Archery Field, for which about 14 teams signed up. The rules stated that in order to search for a clue, a team had to complete a dare. This dare – clue cycle went on about five times. These clues were pieces to a puzzle which formed an IT device which was to be identified by the team who collected the clues. Clues were made in sets of five and the name of the teams was mentioned on the envelope. Accordingly, the teams had to find the clues in their name. The results for this event were also declared the next day. To sum up Day 1, the fest was well organized, and except for some minor time constraints, it exceeded all expectations, as this was the first batch of B.Tech Computer Science students in Ramanujan College. techno hunt Day 2 kicked off with a presentation by AISEC IIT Delhi, which focused on their Global Entrepreneurs Program. Immediately after that, the IT Quiz began, with a total of 7 teams participating. The Quiz consisted of three rounds, which tested the teams’ knowledge of technology, IT brands and the internet. It ended with an exciting final round in which the teams formed questions for each other! Tushar and Dipojjal from MSIT came first while Renu from DTU came in second, after performing admirably during all three rounds. Following that, Bug Off, a programming event took place with 10 participants who had to fix 5 errors in the C++ codes in 45 minutes. Manish and Prashant from G.B. Pant took home the first and second prize respectively. The next event lined up for the day was Brainteasers, which was held in the auditorium. The 13 participants were tested through word puzzles, Sudoku and a tagline detecting round. While Renu from DTU came second, Digvijay was announced the winner. codethon(finals) The afternoon session saw a seminar being organised for the students with Dr. S.K Matto as the Chief Guest. He spoke at length about Alan Turing, the Father of Computer Science after whom the event Turington had been named. He also spoke about the importance of a holistic education system and went on to commend the organisers and the participants for their effort. Webiesta, a web designing competition followed the seminar. The participants had to crack a Login Page, to reach the Target Page, which then had to be designed. Manish from G.B. Pant, who’d also won Bug Off, came first, followed by Keshav from Ramanujan College. The LAN Gaming results from the two days were also announced. For the FIFA event, Naman from Deshbandhu College emerged victorious while Vandit came second. For Need for Speed, Tarun (BCIIT) and Ambesh (Amity University) were declared first and second respectively. Ishaan Sengupta  Priyanka Banerjee Image credits: Pawan Pandey]]>

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