The Sparkling World of Phone Covers and Screenguards

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A regular conversation of a Delhi-ite right after the purchase of a new phone certainly stresses on the words “cover”, “screenguard”, “clear/matte” and sometimes even “Gaffar”. Let’s take a closer look at the fascinating world of phone covers and screenguards.

Smartphone covers have evolved from being a one-time side-buy of a phone to an important, regular and thoughtful buy. They come in different types, some of them being silicone, 3D, bumper and flip.

Screenguards are also a must for smartphone owners. They come in clear, matte, diamond (shiny) and privacy filter, which only lets the screen be visible to someone exactly in front of it.

These things are mostly bought from local market places which have recently seen an outburst of such shops or thelas. (The proud Delhi-ite’s saying, “There’s a metro exit in each block of CP” is now “There are 5 phone cover thelas in each block of CP”)

But then suddenly, someone from your friend circle suggests going to Gaffar Market, a mobile phone accessories’ paradise, and everyone starts pushing their wallets and phones deeper into their pockets because pickpocketers there are to be feared. If you have a friend with experience of Gaffar Market, he’ll take you to one of the wholesale shops there which sell covers and screenguards at the rate of scrap.

Now, a word of advice: There has been a trend of overcharging of phone covers and screenguards. Some vendors charge as much as Rs.500 for a screenguard despite the fact that ultimately it is just a small sheet of plastic, it’s cost being Rs.5 or Rs.10 at most. DO NOT OVERPAY. Bargain. Keep in mind the following prices recommended by DU Beat.

Cover: Rs.100 (Bargain harder for a bumper, it only covers the edges after all!)

Screenguard: Rs.50-100 (Let the vendor do the labour of applying it.)


Image Courtesy : www.productportal.com


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