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Kurtosis 2014: I.P.L auctions, mock trading and more numbers

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Kurtosis 2014, the annual fest of Statistics department, Hindu College took place on the 25th and 26th of February 2014. The fest began with the inauguration on 25th morning, followed by a talk on “Risk Management” by Mr. Prem Nath, Associate Director, Nova Scotia Bank. He talked to the students about how to identify and prioritize risks or any unfortunate events and to minimize it and control it to the best of your abilities; the inspirational talk gave the right tone to the rest of the day as the fest saw many competitions like Sudoku, Photography, I.P.L Auction Action, Tambola, Mock Trading and Treasure Hunt. Abhishek Chaudhry from Ramjas won the Sudoku competition while Ramesh and Divyshry from Hindu came in second and third respectively. The photography competition was won by Raman from Hindu college.

The second day began with another talk by the chief guest Dr. N.K Chadha from the psychology department. who gave the students tips on how to manage stress. Student life can get pretty stressful at times and it is important for us to know how to manage it or it could take a toll on us, Dr. Chadha gave the students advice on how they can manage the stress with just a little bit of discipline in their life. This was followed by competitions like Ad-Mad, Brain Teaser, Scavanger Hunt and Dog in the Bone. The winning team for Ad-Mad was Pankaj and team from Hindu while for the Scavanger Hunt a team comprising of Dhruv Mittal from Kirori Mal College, Lehar Raj, Deepak Sharma and Tarun Sudan from Hindu were awarded the first position. For the Brain Teaser, the winner was Manan, Shikha Goel came in second and Tulika and Gaurav came in third.

Six-sigma – the Quiz was held in the afternoon and the winners for the same were Balasubramanyam and Darshan Kalathil from Hansraj College. Dr. Yash Pal, another chief guest who attended the fest and also the former chairman of the UGC came in for an interactive session with the students and left many pearls of wisdom like “Being merely competitive is not enough, creativity is important to achieve something.”

The fest was brought to an end with a street dance competition which was won by the team of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce.

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