Dr. P. Chidambaram visits SRCC at Business Conclave 2014

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Business Conclave 2014, SRCC’s annual undergraduate management festival kicked off with the Sri Ram Memorial Oration on 5th February. Last year the event was the center of attention with Narendra Modi as the keynote speaker. This edition of Conclave saw Honorable Finance Minister Sri P. Chidambaram deliver the opening address to a packed auditorium at the Sri Ram College of Commerce. Whether it was the introduction of the chief guest in Tamil or the crowds cheering for the Union president Seerat Gupta, the oration kept the audience entertained. The issue that was addressed was that of ‘Accelerating India’s Growth’.

“42,800 people admit to an income of Rs 1 crore in India. I think I can find 42.900 people with Rs 1 crore in South Delhi alone.” – P. Chidambaram at SRCC. Image Credit: Mehr Gill for DU Beat

He talked about the challenges and opportunities that India faces as a nation. Through the course of his speech he addressed all the problems that plague our country and at the same time illustrated how we have a chance to capitalize on what we have. The idea that he emphasized was that we are the biggest obstacle in our path and that we do not need to look across the border to find the cause behind our failure. The obstacles he addressed were rising inequality, the ‘not in my backyard syndrome’, middle class stagnation and unwillingness to work for the greater good of society. He further talked about competition and how we must all now comply with the global standard.

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