DU releases guidelines for UGC Non-Fellowship scheme

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Delhi University recently floated its guidelines for the UGC Non-Fellowship scheme. The Scheme is applicable for M.Phil. and Ph.D. students who are not in receipt of any financial assistance from anywhere and are also registered with the University under various departments.

The award and its extension shall be subject to “actual release of funds” from the UGC and all the conditions must be conformed with in order to avail it. The University holds the right to cancel the fellowship and recover the amount paid if the candidate doesn’t meet the terms stated.

For M. Phil. students the maximum number of fellowships to be granted will be 25+1 PWD (the maximum admissible limit including English Department). They will be awarded Non NET fellowship of Rs 5000 per month with contingency of Rs 10000 per year for Science Students and Rs. 8000 per year for Humanities and Social Science students.

Ph. D students will be entitled to Rs. 8000 per month as Fellowship and contingency of Rs. 10000 for social students and Rs 8000 for Humanities and Social Science students.

For fresh awards, scholars are required to submit their application to the “Scholarship Cell, recommended by DRC and forwarded by the concerned Head of Department within six months of registering in the programs.  The maximum span will be 4 years for Ph.D. and 18 months for M.Phil or completion of viva voce or dissertation, whichever is earlier.

The rejected applicants can apply afresh next year for Fellowship. The rejected period will be counted towards Fellowship span period.

The Fellowship will be cancelled if the candidate fails to qualify in semester exam and the Fellowship will be suspended till he/she is qualified. No Fellowship shall be paid for the period taken to qualify it but it will be counted towards total Fellowship span.

Maximum leave granted for the scholars shall be 30 days in a year excluding the public holidays (making them ineligible to take vacations). Women candidates are eligible for maternity leave of 135 days at full rates of fellowship provided they meet the criteria of attendance as per rules. While in other cases leave without Fellowship is restricted to a period of three months only and not more than that.

The award can be cancelled in case candidate is found:

  • Guilty of misconduct
  • Scholar found ineligible later
  • Scholar switched from full time to part time course
  • Unauthorized leave other than admissible
  • Unsatisfactory progress report and recommendation of cancellation by department

For other rules and regulations, please visit the official Delhi University website.

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