Humouroscope: 26th January- 2nd February

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Aries- Try cross dressing this week. It will help you in gaining the attention of the person you are trying to impress desperately.

Taurus- Get over the fact that Sherlock’s season three has ended. Stop repeating the same statement regarding how much you miss it, everyday. Keep calm and wait for almost a year..There, I said it!

Gemini- Control your anger. Everyone around you cannot stop laughing after seeing those knitted eyebrows and weird curling of lips. It has the same effect as laughing gas!

Cancer- Checking your ex’s last seen on WhatsApp after every fifteen minutes will bring the much needed comfort.

Leo- If gymming is not helping in obtaining those six pack abs, try lying on steel wires having rectangular shape, for a week. Then, show off the marks you get on your body.

Virgo- This is not the right time to start flaunting your summer collection. Winters are not over yet.

Libra- Singing aloud after plugging in those earphones would not make you an Indian Idol contestant. Stop torturing your neighbours.

Scorpio- Nobody wants you to hum ‘sun raha hai na tu’ anymore. Yes, we heard you. We have been hearing you for the last two thousand times.

Sagittarius- It is so cool that you attended the Jaipur Literature Fest. Repeating every word spoken by Amartya Sen won’t make you him.

Capricorn- It is good that you love pumpkins but getting a shape like that, just to prove your love for it, wouldn’t go down well with your friends.

Aquarius- There’s more to winters than just eating sarso da saag. Try other dishes too. They are not that bad.

Pisces- Everyone has seen your new blue and black coloured jacket. You can now put an end to making it your dress code by wearing it everyday!

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