Students and teachers to compose a song for Delhi University

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It is a common practice for Universities across the world to have a song dedicated for them. Delhi University is all set to enter this foray with a song for the University written and composed by a University student, alumnus or a teacher.

As a prelude to Antardhvani 2014, the DU cultural festival, the University has launched an open competition. Under the same, it invites members of the DU community to compose theDelhi U Song and win an opportunity to present the University a song that is “youthful and full of promise”.

“Since 1920’s, the University has never had a common song for any kind of function. This song will bring uniformity in the system.” says Dr. Satish Kumar, UIC in-charge and Member Secretary of Antadhvani. He urges the students to come forward and participate in this competition and produce a song that becomes as popular as ‘Sare jahan se accha‘.

The entries will be judged by a competent jury, which Dr. Satish suggests will definitely consist of experts from the extracurricular and arts department. Whether they would be from the University itself or an external would be decided later.

The proposed song should be of approximately one minute and the lyrics should be in Hindustani. The last date for submission is 20th January 2014 and the results will be declared a week before Antardhvani which is scheduled to be held on 14th- 16th February, 2014. The entire rules and regulations for the competition can be found here.

[email protected]; Niharika is a journalism student. She loves new stationary, vintage collectables and the smell of expensive coffee. She can usually be found lurking between the dusty shelves of the library.

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