TroubleSeekerTeam: Pranking away to glory

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With a tradition that started with endeavours such as Just For Laugh Gags, Chupa Rustam and MTV Bakra, the culture of pranks is something we all love! However, have you met the serial pranksters of Delhi? TroubleSeekerTeam, a group of five popularly known as TST, make hidden camera prank videos in the city and upload them on their YouTube channel.

Wondering what we are talking about? Here is an example!

We caught up with Rahul Sharma, the founder of TST to know more about the ordeal of putting common people in possible awkward situations and capturing their reactions.

When and how was TroubleSeekerTeam formed?

I loved watching funny prank videos on YouTube. What started from Just for Laugh Gags, went on to pranksters like JackValeFilms and Edbassmaster. I was almost certain that when I would type “Pranks in India” there would be a long list of videos. To my utter surprise, the only videos I found were the videos by American pranksters in which they used to prank people at WalMart or McDonalds while talking in a funny Indian Accent. I was really shocked that no one ever tried this kind of stuff in India. It didn’t look that difficult and it was entertaining as hell.

Then and there I thought I could be the one to do this. After doing some research online and I decided that the first one would be the Farting Prank because I thought it was funny and Indian people would definitely give some weird reactions to it (laughs). So I ordered “The Pooter” online, a rubber device that can make farting sounds when you squeeze it. Meanwhile when I told my friends about my intentions they agreed to company me too.

We were waiting for the pooter to arrive and when it did, we went to shoot the very next day and came up with our first 2 videos on 24th of May 2012.

How many people are there in the TroubleSeekerTeam?

After the idea was conceptualised, I was joined by my friends Deepak Chaudhary, Rishabh Sharma, Prince Thareja and my brother Ankit Sharma. So majorly, we are a team of five. We also keep trying to make different videos, for which we often invite our other friends or fans to be a part of. For example for the “Awkward Beat Box Dance Prank and Taking Pictures of Strangers” we invited two of our top fans – Ekansh Pilani and Meher Talwar.

What was the mission behind such an initiative?

What started out as a way to have some fun is now a Brand. We always loved making people smile and we want to do it for the rest of our lives. We want to make TroubleSeekerTeam the No.1 Indian YouTube Channel. The idea was to prank Indian people and see how they react. We always were the “funny guys” of our school. The ones who could make even the strictest teachers laugh. We never knew that we would be making people laugh for a living one day.

What was the reason behind keeping this name?

I was sure that the name must be unique. I am a fan of Harry Potter and he was the seeker in Quidditch, I got seeker from there and what we seek isn’t a magic flying golden snitch but ‘Trouble’. We seek trouble – that’s how we came up with TroubleSeekerTeam.

Have you ever been caught by someone while playing pranks ?

Yeah! Sometimes, people who have already seen us playing prank somewhere earlier make it out. And then they tell us “bhaiya mujhe pata hai aap bakra bana rahe ho”. And we laugh it off.

Have you ever pranked Delhi University students? How was your experience?

A: Yes, the ‘Document drop and go’ was done at Vishwavidyalaya metro station. They are easy going and every person involved in the making was a good sport. Further, we have plans to shoot pranks specific to students.

Which of your pranks you find the funniest and unforgettable?

It was definitely ‘the twins teleport’ prank. It is one of the best pranks where we used twins, the reactions were priceless. It is indeed the most viewed video on our channel. It was my dream to recreate this prank, as it was originally done by ‘Just For Laugh Gags’.

Any future plans to cover cities other than Delhi?

Yes definitely, we don’t just want to end up being the Delhi Pranksters on YouTube. We want to take pranks to every state in India! Perhaps, in the future we might just be able to do so.

How can interested people join TST?

Anyone interested can drop us a message on Facebook or Google+.

Editor adds: Thanks to our reader Firdosh Khan for the heads up! Had a great time laughing? We leave you with one of our favourites.

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