Movie Review: Catching Fire

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It is Francis Lawrence making you delve into the world of science fiction again with the sequel of Hunger Games –  Hunger Games : Catching Fire. Adapted from the novel by Susan Collins, part two of the proposed four part franchise certainly leaves you hungry for more. Although being a sci-fi, this particular movie connects more with the public sentiment than the previous one, specially due to its dark satire on those in power. It highlights the fact that people’s minds are run by the state and it could do anything in order to resist change. Yes, it always wants the status quo to be maintained for its own benefits. A certain example of exercise of power given by Steven Lukes.

Unlike the previous part, which focused more on the deadly game, this one is an amalgamation of ‘The Mortal game’ and with it, squalid politics. Focus is on the role of Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss Everdeen) whose initial anxiety in the movie is shown in the form of a trope, i.e. sitting in a vacant compartment looking out of the window, as if stuck in a cobweb.

Having won the last hunger games, she has again been manouevered by the state to play the next years’ games, so as to silence the revolution of District 12 against the Capitol. While she competes with the reality, she hasnt been able to overcome her past. And with the capitol wanting more from her, will she be able to resolve her anxiety issues and see things clearly and instead of  supporting the capitol, will she be able to lead an uprising? Yes, the end leaves you in a state of dilemma, to think about what comes next.

The cast also includes Josh Hutcherson (Peeta Mellark) who partners Katniss in the game. Along with some great sets and costumes, the cinematography is of an excellent level giving a synergic effect. The computer stimulated graphics too take the movie to an unprecedented level.

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