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Seats in St. Stephen’s Residence reduced

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Getting admission in Delhi University is but half a battle won. The subsequent problem looming large is that of lodging. That there is shortage of hostel seats and that the prices of Paying Guest accommodations and private hostels can burn a huge hole in one’s pocket is hardly a hidden fact. In fact, lodging seems to be a perpetual crisis for outstation students especially if one has not been lucky enough to get that precious hostel seat.

In such dire circumstances when the colleges should be accommodating as many students as possible in their hostels, St. Stephen’s College seems to be doing the exact opposite. The college has apparently allocated single rooms to students of second and third years, rooms which are actually supposed to accommodate two students. While the college had this policy for third year students, this year it has also been extended to second years. Quite paradoxically, this has led to a further decrease in the number of students who can avail the residential facilities on the college campus.

We, at DU Beat, spoke to a number of students from the college but apparently none of them consented to be quoted. On the condition of anonymity, a student said, “Living in the Residence is so convenient as opposed to putting up privately in areas around North Campus. My parents can’t afford to shell out too much money and therefore, I am living in a really bad place as I have no alternative. The college has given single rooms to second years also which goes against the demands of the day where the prime focus should be building the additional infrastructure and exploiting the full potential of the existing one.”

Another student on the same condition said, “The hostel issue is the need of the hour in Delhi University. We students are suffering a lot because of this. And then something like this comes up where instead of increasing the number of seats in the Residence, you are actually reducing them. Moreover, with the introduction of the Four-Year Undergraduate Programme, there will be more number of students after three years, and then the condition will be extremely chaotic.”

Vatsal Verma
[email protected]

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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