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DUSU Elections 2013: Everything you need to know

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Delhi University Students Union is set to hold its elections on 13th September 2013 after the list of the final candidates comes out on 6th September 2013. So if you plan to be the face of DUSU this year, buckle up, because like in all the other elections in the country, you need to put your best foot forward (even if the shoe is rented). Before you put on those Nehru Jackets and prepare the speeches to woo the crowds, a very careful look into the rules for the aspiring applicants is a must.

  • For starters, the applicant must not hold any criminal record of any kinds, must not be repeating a year and should be a regular DU student between the age 17 and 22 (25 for Post Graduate Students).
  • While campaigning, candidates have to keep in mind that they don’t hurt religious sentiments, bribe students, and pass derogatory remarks against women or any communities. Failure to do so shall lead to disqualification of the candidate.
  • Also, a candidate cannot hold the same office twice.
  • The maximum amount of money that an individual candidate can spend for the purpose of campaigning is Rs.5000. No loudspeakers, animals or vehicles are permitted for the purpose of canvassing.
  • No candidate is allowed to deface or destroy any of the college properties including their websites or Facebook pages.
For further reference one can also refer to the complete code of conduct for the elections (2013-2014) issued by the University. However, in order to help the candidates to voice their opinions, DU also has certain facilities in place
  • The DU computer centre shall upload the propaganda material of various candidates.
  • The candidates shall be allowed a fixed time (which presently is 10 minutes) on DU Community Radio 90.4 for campaigning.
Yet another aspect of the DUSU elections is the clash between the contesting students and the whole political scene inevitably turns ugly. To ensure that the elections are held smoothly, DU has established a Grievance Committee headed by the Dean, Student’s Welfare to address and clarify any election related problems. Also, Delhi Police is on high alert during the election time to make sure that any sudden outbreak of violent propagandists does not lead to any major problems. But, irrespective of the up’s and down’s, the DUSU elections give the students an opportunity to make a real difference in the way that the university functions. For all those who want to change the way the University functions, this is your chance to make a difference. All those who want to access the application forms or know more about the Elections, can refer to the DUSU elections section on the DU website. Image Credit:]]>

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