Music Review: Avi & The Uprising (Band)

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Avi & The Uprising have recently surfaced on the Delhi music circuit and have taken it by storm with their music that blends Indian and Western music with utmost ease. Three of their songs that we’ll meet shortly, have helped the band create a niche for themselves. As of now, they have performed countless gigs across Delhi and continue to charm the crowds with their fresh sounds. Balcony TV, a YouTube channel has them on their list of Top 60, among the likes of international acts such as Mumford & Sons and Victor Wooten.

Wahe Guru (live)- Inspired from the thousands of pilgrims on their way to Hemkund Sahib, the singer-songwriter thought of the simple guitar riff which wonderfully complements the somewhat surreal. The song’s music is rather rudimentary and the listeners can form an immediate bond with it. A little more thought would show that it all makes sense even though “there’s so much beyond the logical”. The melodica is soothing to the ears and the overall experience is rather pleasing.

Avi & The Uprising bring two distinct worlds together and tie them up in a successful marriage that is divine yet earthy. It is only the beginning and one can be hopeful that the band will continue to work in this direction, giving the world new music.

Boom Boom Shiva- The lyrics, the video and the vocalist bring out a dynamic mirage of images to mind. The soft guitar, percussions and the drums create an appealing and soothing contrast against the lyrics that are full of energy and vigour. It is one of those songs that showcase that, perfect harmony can be achieved between Indian and western music. Evidence to it is the pakhwaj and the obvious reference to Lord Shiva.

Shiva mentioned in the lyrics is “a quiet observer on the fringes of modern society”. Just as the listeners begin to think that Shiva is just another guy, Avi hits them with the line “he’s got no future, he’s got no past”. The last line of the song adds a completely new dimension, and Avi explains it as, “And suddenly there’s a third world war, a nuclear bomb – a mushroom sky and this guy dreams up another world.”

Aside from the music and the lyrics, what makes the song tick is the video that was shot in Kathputli Colony, New Delhi.  Featuring the former street and circus performers who hail from all over the country, doing dangerous yet stunning stunts, the video is a treat for the eyes. Avi & The Uprising are working to give a voice to urban Indian street performers, and through the video of this song, they have done their bit.

Boom Boom Shiva is the band’s flagship song and has helped the band receive critical acclaim.

Age of Kali (live) – Three things that make this song stand out are- the vocalist’s booming baritone, the esraj and the lyrics. It captures the fierceness of Goddess Kali in who resides the ultimate Shakti. Haunting vocals, combined with the esraj, double the effect of the mysterious ways of Kali. The band offers refreshing music, much different from what is mostly served to us.

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