Students who failed 1st, 2nd year exams can move to next semester: DU

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According to a notice issued by the Registrar of University of Delhi on the 27th of July, students who failed or were absent for their 1st or 2nd Year Examinations in 2012, can now breathe easier.  Such students can continue on to the next Semester as opposed to having to repeat the year. They can give the exams again along with those of the new Semester.

Generally, one needs to pass at least 50% of the examinations he/she has appeared for, in order to move to the next year.

However, according to this announcement, students who failed or were not present during their first year examinations held in 2012-13, now move on to the second year. These students can appear for their Semester I and II examinations along with the examinations of Semester III and IV. The same holds true for students who failed or were not present for second year examinations held in 2012-13. These students can move on to their third year of undergraduate study.

This notice is a result of the implementation of the FYUP. Since, any first year who has to repeat an year cannot be a part of a different curriculum altogether as the junior batch is following the FYUP.

While this decision will save one year for several students, it will also be adding additional pressure on these students as they would now have to clear examinations of two entire years together.

Though we are yet to see whether the FYUP is good for the newly admitted batch or not, a transitory measure such as this is definitely a second chance for a huge number of 2nd and 3rd year students.

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