Delhi University gives green signal to hostel for North East students

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In a bid to facilitate and gladden the students from North East, the centre has given green signal to the construction of hostel for students from north-eastern states at the north campus of Delhi University.

This hostel shall be an addition to existing girl’s hostel complex in Mukherjee Nagar.

Conceding with the constant demand of NE Student’s Union and DUSU, It was resolved to expedite the matter and the Delhi CM has extended all cooperation in allotment of land and other official formalities

Sanjoy, who is also the convener of the All-India Tribal MPs’ Forum, also said that security for people from the North-East in Delhi, particularly women, was a top most concern of the Parliamentarians and the Forum of Tribal Officers in Delhi.

The Union Home Ministry has directed appointing tough cop from Arunachal, Robin Hibu, as coordinator for security and safety of NE people in Delhi.

However there are mixed reactions from college students regarding this move. Some welcomed this move. “I do feel that there is a need for more girls’ hostel as the hostels still fail to accommodate the students and selection too is on merit basis.”

While some on the contrary believe that this type of separate hostel construction instils the feeling of discrimination among students. Julia, an IP college student expresses that more hostels are needed but all students should stay in mixed environment rather than staying isolated. Therefore more hostels should be constructed accommodating the diversity so as to promote a cordial environment and social profiling should be eradicated.

There are still meetings to be held to give this whole project a concrete shape and bring into existence.

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