Admissions 2013

School of Open Learning expects higher enrolment than last year

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School of Open Learning (SOL), University of Delhi, is expecting an increase in number of applications this year. The number of enrolments last year was 1.32 lakhs, and there are chances that there might be an even higher number of applications this year. One reason for this increase might be the sky-high cut-offs of regular colleges that have left SOL as an option for many aspirants.

As reported earlier, the FYUP has not yet been introduced to SOL and might become a part of the institution from the next academic year. As SOL is largely dependent on course material, the authorities are in need of more time to come up with content that is well-suited and as per the requirements of FYUP. The absence of FYUP could be another reason for the higher number of intakes in SOL this year. Many aspirants might be apprehensive about taking up the FYUP in regular colleges, as it is a new development in the University. They might want to follow the tried and tested method instead of the new one.

SOL is now the only institution under the University of Delhi that is still offering the B.A. Programme and B.Com. Programme courses. What attracts most aspirants is the fact that they get the same degree from the University as any other regular college-going student does. SOL students can do other courses or work alongside their correspondence course.

Admission forms for SOL can be submitted latest by 14th August, after which Rs.200 will be charged as late fees till 2nd September.

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