Admissions 2013

Commerce under FYUP: Course Analysis

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The University of Delhi has always been innovating and experimenting with the courses it offers. This time, however, the change is even more radical and in spite of millions of speculations, protests and uncertainty the University has carried out its four year undergraduate plan, which on the face of it, seems entirely different from all previous attempts.

Almost all the courses are divided into Discipline course, Foundation course and Integrating Mind, Body and Heart course. B.Com (Hons) likewise has eight semesters altogether with first two years dedicated to Diploma, 3 years offers bachelor degree and fourth year bachelor with honours degree.

Difference in topics
The syllabus includes the commerce component business laws, financial accounting and auditing, business mathematics and statistics, human resource management and financial management in Discipline 1. While new papers like corporate governance and social responsibility, industrial law and foreign exchange management have been introduced, papers like indirect tax have been dropped.Discipline 2, which comprises six papers, includes setting up a business, marketing for beginners, financial reporting and analysis, personal tax planning, investing in stock market and insurance and risk management. However, the optional papers like financial market, institutions and financial services, compensation management, corporate tax planning and business data processing found no place in the new structure.

Diluted or Enriched
A section of teachers has alleged dilution of the B.Com (H) course as full-fledged papers on indirect tax (VAT and service tax) and international business have been dropped. However, the mix of different subjects in Foundation and Discipline course seems quite promising in giving a more intensive touch to Commerce as a whole.

Knowledge- Theory or practical
The four year course, definitely, has more practical side than the previous three year system. With subjects like Setting up a Business, Marketing for Beginners, Financial Reporting & Analysis, Personal Tax Planning, Investing in Stock Market, Insurance & Risk Management in discipline 2 the students are expected to have more exposure to actual business and market condition.

(Commerce 2013 cut-offs)

Work Load- swell up?
The first year has 11 foundation subjects which the students have to take. There is no other way out. Naturally the work load has increased. However, the pressure on students will fluctuate with every semester. In addition the Foundation course offers subjects like Science and Life which a commerce student might not be interested in, which in turn increases the work load.

Co- curricular activities
With increased workload and diverse subjects, focus on extracurricular activities will demand greater effort and time. The students might face difficulty in coping up with these. In the second, third and fourth year however, one cultural activity has been made compulsory.

Multiple exit points
Many professors feel that multiple exit points will encourage dropping out and actually lead to greater inequity among students. If a student leaves after two years, it will be of little help to him as far as employment is concerned. With multiple exit points it is unclear how students will be accommodated in other colleges outside Delhi.

Final Verdict
Although the FYUP offers more choices and greater diversity, if we look closely, a student has little choice to make and most of foundation subjects might not prove to be worth it. However, if a student completes all the four year he/ she will have a better employment prospect. The study is in depth if we ignore the subjects which have been dropped.

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I wonder how people write about themselves so effortlessly and adequately too! I for one find it arduous and extremely time consuming since when asked about me I go in a sort of trance “discovering myself” and all that and finally come up with nothing. So after the process I can say I dislike studying, like novels and music and coffee. Also, I am a second year B Com (Hons) student in Shri Ram College.

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