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Summer TV Guide for the Comatose

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Summer vacations are already underway and if you are not the unlucky ones who are wading their way through Delhi University admissions under the hot sun and now the water logged roads, count your blessings and write a thank you note to your stars. Now, for some it is essential to stretch those limbs and exercise that derriere after they have been on the receiving ends of their mother’s love and affection,via the stomach, but if you are anything like your’s truly, you shall dump that piece of spandex and hop into a pair of comfortable, roomy, colourful pajamas, open that laptop, log into the neighbour’s unsecured WiFi, and make yourself mighty comfortable on the bed, because tables are for pansies.

Holidays are an opportunity to watch sitcoms and movies we just could not during the semester, and this is exactly what we are going to do.Here is a friendly guide of TV series which you can spend your time watching and enjoying.

 1. Da Vinci’s Demons

Now, if the name itself is not enough to heighten your intrigue, the fact that is a historical fantasy packed with a whole lot of action, mystery, sex and violence should make you running for that DVD. In complete opposition to it’s title, the series has little resemblance to the life of the man behind the name but, what it does have, is this young artist/inventor/engineer battling Draculas, solving complicated puzzles using his sheer brilliance and of course, investing himself in a love triangle. Just lovely! Directed by David Goyer, co-writer of ‘ The Dark Knight’ trilogy, season 1 is a whole of 8 episodes, a complete fix for a lazy weekend.


2. Sherlock

If Benedict Cumberbatch grew on tree, I would have a whole orchard of him. As if the accent is not swoon-worthy enough, he is also an amazing actor.You might remember him from Star Trek Into Darkness as Khan Noonien Singh, and he will also be portraying famed news-leaker, Julian Assange, in The Fifth Estate. Sherlock is a contemporary adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work, in which Sherlock and Watson use the modern day technology available to them to solve crimes. So there are websites, blogging, Google maps and nicotine patches. There are two seasons with a total of six episodes. The third season is currently under production.

3. Orphan Black

Tatiana Maslany deserves an Emmy for her performance. Being cited as one of the best show to be aired on television recently, BBC’s Orphan Black is fast paced with a fierce plot that almost keeps you at the edge of your seat. What Priyanka Chopra failed to deliver with her tragically flop film What’s your Rashee?, Maslany achieves it and some more. Sarah Manning (Maslany), is a young British mother living in Canada. A small-time con artist, she sees her doppelganger commit suicide by stepping in front of a train, after stealing the woman’s purse and identity, Sarah the con artist becomes Beth the cop, scrambling to fool her partner and discovering more women who look just like her. Maslany does justice to every role she portrays, be it the hipster or the suburban mom, it is hard to believe that it is one woman playing all the characters. Watch this sci-fi series for the future of cloning and for Tatiana Maslany.

4. Awkward

High School, boys, embarrassing parents, conniving Asians, love triangle or quadrangle (depending on the episode) and a whole lot of awkwardness, 15- year old Jenna Hamilton is victim of a freak accident which everybody thinks is a suicide attempt and thus begins her journey of awkwardness. The series is easy to watch, a light comedy and with typical teenage elements. Best thing about the show is the sarcastic and snarky voice-over and the counsellor, yes the fanny pack wearing counsellor. Currently in it’s third season, watch it if nostalgia sets in  or a break from too much mind work is needed.

5. Downton Abbey

This one is for the ladies. Downton Abbey, a British period drama set in and after the World War II easily draws you into the life of the Crawley family and their servants. At the beginning of the season, Titanic has just sunk, taking with it the Downton heir and leaving the house in jeopardy. The series seems familiar and there just might be episodes which are disinteresting, but it manages to captivate and soon, you find yourself rooting for the lovers and hoping for the best. The series is currently in it’s third season.

Also, must watch:

Hannibal, Girls, The Americans, Games of Thrones, Bate’s Motel, GO ON

[email protected]; Niharika is a journalism student. She loves new stationary, vintage collectables and the smell of expensive coffee. She can usually be found lurking between the dusty shelves of the library.

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