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The Big Yellow Door: They have sunshine on their menu!

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If the yellow door isn’t enough to grab your attention, the insanely long queue in front of it will surely do the trick!

The Big Yellow Door is a cozy little café located near North Campus (in Vijay Nagar to be precise) which has been successful in creating a loyal fan following in just over a month after its great launch. The café offers a very interesting menu which boasts of a variety of mouthwatering dishes starting from cheese fries and salads to The Flying Chicken Pizza. Their creativity in terms of inventing something fresh and amusing doesn’t stop there, The Big Yellow Door gives customers a chance to choose from an innovative list of milk shakes, like The Chocolate Oreo Shake, The Kit-Kat Shake and The Black Forest Shake to name a few. These yummy cold beverages are blended to such perfection that they will succeed in transporting you to a food paradise! The best part is that your wallet doesn’t have to shell out a lot of big bucks; the café has priced all its products very reasonably which makes it even more popular with the students.

Apart from the fabulous food, the décor of the café leaves a mark on the customers. The walls are sprinkled with artistic imagination and therefore, it does not come as a surprise that almost everybody who comes to dine here takes out their cell phones to click a photograph or two. The Big Yellow also came up with a wonderful idea to hand out post it notes with the bill for feedback, which are later pinned up on the graffiti wall. The staff is extremely friendly and they try their level best to strike up a conversation with you while you enjoy your meal, giving the café a homely touch.


Charvi Jain
Guest Writer

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