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Bura Na Maano, Holi Hai

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Make it more commercial, Chetan!

So, it wasn’t a myth. There does exist among us a human being blessed enough to find Chetan Bhagat’s literary efforts intellectually stimulating. In fact, Mr Salman Khan is so concerned with the subtlety of Chetan’s script for his new movie that he wants it redone. Not commercial enough, grumbles the superstar. Perhaps Bhagat, being the engineer that he is, put too much physics into Salman’s shirtless scenes. The new script will thus chronicle, without consorting to the laws of physics, Salman’s 1001 shirtless adventures interspersed with item numbers from Salman’s 6th, 35th and 50th girlfriends.

Dangerous philanthropy 

In a move smacking of undeniable respect and incredible imbecility, Rakhi Sawant has offered to serve Sanjay Dutt’s prison term for him. Knock knock Miss Sawant, Sanjay Dutt has not been voted out of Bigg Boss or some such reality show that you can make a tear inducing sacrifice to drive up the TRP. He is going to a real jail, bonehead!

Meanwhile, India TV have apparently decided to discontinue all operations should Rakhi Sawant’s proposed move go through. Reports claim that 30% and 40% of India TV’s gross revenue came from shows featuring aliens and Rakhi Sawant respectively.

Congress out vote shopping

Vote buying is not a path-breaking concept. Telecasting a video of you doing it on national television definitely is. We are talking about the advert lauding the government’s Cash Transfer Scheme which is already making waves.

The video stars this old man who has obviously suffered a lot. He seems more likely to skewer Manmohan Singh alive than to vote for his party. He approaches the desk and obtains the cash. A hint of a smile appears on his face. He seems to be thinking, ‘This Manmohan is not such a bad lad now, is he?’ If you try hard enough, you can even convince him that Mr Singh posses a full functional spine. Vote bought! Next.

Pope vs Durex!

Yes Mr Pope, we all know you are not down with condoms. Fair enough. But could you please avoid flying all the way down to Africa, the continent most ravaged by AIDS, and preaching against it? Kindly, converse with your imaginary friend and obtain due permissions. If He is as knowledgeable as you claim, I am sure He would understand.

Picture Credits: www.tamilwire.com

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