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Biz Street ’13 Lines up at SRCC

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The annual commerce fest of Shri Ram College of Commerce, Biz Street, was hosted by the commerce society of the college in its latest edition. The final day of the festival was on the 15th of February and saw sundry events taking place. While some were standalone events, others witnessed their final rounds taking place as the fest drew to a close. Anamnesis, the case study competition, aimed to enable the participants to put their analytical skills and business acumen to test by requiring them to formulate the most pertinent solutions to hypothetical business related problems. Next on the day’s list of events was Market Mafia, an most unique business simulation event, where the participants needed to sell their product by minimizing cost, manufacturing the best product possible, planning the market and selling their entire stock but at the most competitive prices. The 100th Percentile was the event next in line and this was aimed at finding out who among the participants had both the percentile and the personality to make the cut. While the initial round had a test to rank participants by their marks, the final round saw them taking part in the interview to see finally who lasted longest. Calvin Pinto was the winner, scoring highest considering all three- aptitude test, group discussion and stress interview. The fest closed with the final event of the day, Mystic Trial: The Hunt Begins. This was a clue-based treasure hunt around campus and lived up to its billing by being exciting and also witnessed enthusiastic participation from the students. Biz Street now opens next year, so all you fans keep your wits sharpened until then!]]>

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