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The annual commerce fest of Shri Ram College of Commerce, Biz Street, was hosted by the commerce society of the college in its latest edition. The final day of the festival was on the 15th of February and saw sundry events taking place. While some were standalone events, others witnessed their final rounds taking place as the fest drew to a close. Anamnesis, the case study competition, aimed to enable the participants to put their analytical skills and business acumen to test by requiring them to formulate the most pertinent solutions to hypothetical business related problems. Next on the day’s list of events was Market Mafia, an most unique business simulation event, where the participants needed to sell their product by minimizing cost, manufacturing the best product possible, planning the market and selling their entire stock but at the most competitive prices. The 100th Percentile was the event next in line and this was aimed at finding out who among the participants had both the percentile and the personality to make the cut. While the initial round had a test to rank participants by their marks, the final round saw them taking part in the interview to see finally who lasted longest. Calvin Pinto was the winner, scoring highest considering all three- aptitude test, group discussion and stress interview. The fest closed with the final event of the day, Mystic Trial: The Hunt Begins. This was a clue-based treasure hunt around campus and lived up to its billing by being exciting and also witnessed enthusiastic participation from the students. Biz Street now opens next year, so all you fans keep your wits sharpened until then!]]>

Delhi University’s business enthusiasts headed to SRCC on Valentine’s Day, get your mind out of the gutter because it was for Biz Street the Commerce Society’s annual departmental fest. As soon as one entered the college premises one was greeted with a rather innovatively done up notice board about Biz Street; innovative because the words Biz Street were put up on it with fake as in game currency notes. The highlights of the day included the Business Quiz- Cognizant, Mock Stock- Arbitrage (finals) and Ambush Marketing. Cognizant, the Business Quiz was an event that initially pulled in a large crowd but as the day went on the audience got thinned down to not more than a dozen students. Unaffected by that, TOI Editor and avid quizzer Mr. Manimugdha Sharma who was the quiz master for the day conducted the quiz in a delightful way. The questions were well thought out, and included audio, logos related, and the conventional type of questions, and were well presented by Mr. Sharma, who said that he was at SRCC on Valentine’s Day only for his first love ie. Quizzing. Out of the 20 questions in the prelims round 6 teams were chosen to take part in the finale and being the day of love, one couple team was given direct, wild card entry into the finale- making it a total of 7 teams battling it out. The finals had questions on various themes, few generic but mostly business related like, beauty and the beast, economics of love etc. The finals of arbitrage, the Mock Stock event mostly saw participants bent over their calculators and rough sheets, rattling their brains at the situations thrown at them by the chair. Ambush Marketing, an event that had huge potential of pulling crowds did do that, but for the wrong reasons. Participants in pairs were given 2 rival brands to market and most of the students only ended up making a mockery out of it. “We did not expect students of mostly commerce colleges to take such a ridiculous approach to this competition, which could have been rather informative,” said Aditi Rathi an audience member and SRCC student. Participants simply rambled on, did not bring any valid points to the table and only got the crowd to hoot for them. All in all Biz Street did manage to pull in a decent footfall, what is commendable is the effort of the organisers and volunteers that did show up in most events.   Anugrah Gopinath [email protected]  ]]>

Biz Street’13, the Commerce Fest exhibited by the Commerce Society of SRCC , exuberated zeal at its peak on the first day, 13th of February. Widening its expanse to a three day departmental fest, it was host to a myriad of events pertaining to the characteristic of the business world. Hence the buzzing environment was well owed to bubbling entrepreneurs who sought solace in this affable environment. The day commenced with the dearly adored competition amongst students, Ad Mad which was well intently titled ‘Ad-Diction’. An immense response as was expected greeted this event and the first round concluded with the finalists waiting to compete in the finals the following day. Alongside, the finals of the Business Plan event, ‘Prodigy: The B-Plan’, were also being held in the Seminar Room. 8 teams were shortlisted for the competition including teams from Xaviers, SRCC, Amity and Delhi School of Management. Each team was given 10 minutes to present their Business Plan covering aspects such as promotion strategy, team composition, revenue streams and cost projections amongst others. Assistant Professor of the Commerce Department of SRCC, AsthaDewan, also one of the judges for the competition said, “An ideal B-Plan is one which takes into account the feasibility of the plan as well as how it will impact the environment and aid the masses, and not just the classes.”Eventually Onkar and Abhya from CBS walked away with the winners’ title for their plan on cancer cure. Ipshita and Prakriti from SRCC were declared second for theirplan called “AshakiKiran”, a plan aiming at dual social development in the villages of Uttarakhand and the bulb manufacturing community of Dehradun,which has currently been out-competed by Chinese manufacturers. This event was followed by the much exhilaratingMockStock competition called ‘Arbitrage’. Impulsiveness was harnessed and students put their minds together to put their acumen to test, by indulging in the experience of trading shares of companies on the basis of mock news feed provided to them. Believing experts, this event always thrusts an adrenaline rush amongst participants. Shortlisted participants were invited to compete in the final round on the second day. The 100th Percentile Test was an Aptitude Test conducted by IMS, a leading institution in Management Entrance Training to challenge the quantitative, analysis and verbal skills of students. A shortlisted list of candidates would be subjected to a ‘stress interview’, which would eventually help churn out the cream of the lot and the top scorer would then be awarded. This event saw a mammoth participation wherein a number of students rolled in to prove their mettle. The concluding event of the day was a fun event on the lines of the show Bluffmaster called ‘Outliar’.Ten participants were shortlisted after the preliminaries who had to outcompete each other by giving the most unusual answers. The Bluff master, who was provided with the answer key, had to cling on to his greed of scoring the maximum by giving the rarest answer in order to avoid elimination. To no surprise this was an enthralling event and a total hit amongst the students. Biz Street’13 commenced with buzz and bang alike, promising to carve out the best of business sense in one and all!   PoornimaKharbanda [email protected] Cheshtha Gupta [email protected]]]>