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Literati ’13 – The Latest Edition of JMC’s Literary Festival

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  Jesus and Mary College hosted their annual literary festival, Literati, on the 12th of February. The competitions on the day varied from those focusing on a literary background, to those that demanded a sense of art. Some others were based on performance, while yet others seemed to be a challenge to one’s wit. The day’s action began early, right at 9 a.m., rather unconventionally at that. With Pictionary, Creative Writing, Humorous Poem Recitation, Book-cover Designing and Comic Strip Making all running parallel, participants were forced to go for what most interested or them or otherwise, be as good as possible to multitask, albeit without Hermione Granger’s Time Turner. Each of these events witnessed a decent turnout with regard to number of participants and was conducted smoothly, without much delay, as is usually experienced at fests. The drama society performed two acts during a break from competitions; the first being Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, followed by a musical based on Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market. Other competitions on the day were Turncoat Debate. The event was concluded with an entertaining Ad-Mad contest which saw active participation from various colleges, even as the teachers took the day off of pedagogics to enjoy the same as a part of the audience which thronged the venue. There was however a seeming lack of events and competitions pertaining to the literary field, as no paper-presentations or panel discussions were on the itinerary. The conspicuous absence of a lit-quiz too was a point that went into the wrong end of the score-sheet for the event in general.]]>

[email protected];Huzzah, mortals! Otherwise popular as Psmith (the 'P' is silent as the 'z' in zbysco), I am the Associate Editor roundabouts here. Pop an icicle, lay back and settle into a cushy arm-chair or what-you-will; the cry is going around the underworld, 'Psmith is at work. All take cover.' Adept at making an instant impact, nipping in behind the defence on the right and fizzing a low cross across the face of goal and doing an immaculate Chicken Dance, yes, you read that just fine (it's not a contagious case of exploding mangoes or arrested development), I usually haunt not the Shrieking Shack but rather the consecrated grounds of Sri Venkateswara College, accompanied by one Snowy, I saunter with the singular aim to 'Stay Calm and STEVE HOLT!' Children in ages to come will cluster about their grandfather's knees, saying, ‘Tell us about the legendary Psmithy who made the heavenly bodies bow before his presence, who made the pigs wail and dogs mew and cows give cheese. The one and only who loved Manshester United and Wodehouse unconditionally.’

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