This Valentine’s, Spread Love to those in Need with I Impact India

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“Living by Gandhiji’s ideologies, ‘The simplest acts of kindness are, by far, more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.’ We have always been very passionate about giving back to the society in whatever manner we can. This and the desire to make everyone around us a part of our little act of compassion led to this campaign,” Parneet Singh Chopra, a DU student was quoted saying when he was asked about the social initiative- I Impact India.

So what is this campaign about? Called “This Valentine’s, Spread Love to those in Need”, it is a rather novel approach to tackle undernourishment among poor children. On 18th January 2013, the people at I Impact India uploaded a video on YouTube and the idea was simple- for every view on that video, I Impact India shall donate one packet of biscuits to a hungry child on the 14th of February. This is their way of celebrating the feast of St. Valentine. Currently, in a matter of 15 days, they have reached out to over 10,000 people, have had 4,000 views and the campaign has been shared by over 500 people on social media platforms.

When asked what their aim is, Parneet said, “In our first campaign, the issue we wish to pawn is hunger, but since our endeavor is to constantly create an ‘impact’ on the society, we will move on to countering bigger problems in future and involve socially inclined people with us in this movement.”

Though the idea took shape a year back, I Impact India is now fully operational and the present campaign is its launching platform. They also wish to carry out more such innovative campaigns in the near future. “I Impact India is a venture of 3 socially committed students of Delhi University, who have a passion to eradicate problems while benefitting the other stakeholders of society. They wish to act as intermediaries between corporations and social organizations, and facilitate efficient & judicious use of funds and core competencies”, he concludes.

To support the cause visithttp://bit.ly/1pack1view (One Pack per View)


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