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Venky Disabled Unfriendly?

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Another example of the callous attitude of the administration at Sri Venkateswara College was seen on 21st January. Few manholes were opened up for routine maintenance purposes; however, these were left uncovered for a long time with no sign to warn passersby. Due to this careless attitude, a handicapped person almost fell into one. The person, shocked and enraged, went to complain about the same to the Vice Principal, Dr. Rajinder Kumar, who is also currently the acting Principal. The victim was mistreated by the administration staff, including the Vice Principal following which he was forced to call the police.

The college administration and Vice Principal Dr. Kumar have both been infamous for their unfriendly attitude towards students, which seems to have hit a new low. What is surprising is that amidst all this and even after the college’s ‘routine maintenance work’, one of the manholes continued to overflow this morning. The leaking manhole was situated in front of the various course counters, where students deal with the admin staff on a day-to-day basis. However, the response is mostly on those days when Mishra Ji and his colleagues are in a mood to deal with students. The incident that took place at Venky is just another example of how the administrative staff at most DU colleges treats its students, despite repeated complaints.


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