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Pumping up the beats – An interview with budding beatboxer Tushar Prashar

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Tushar Prashar is a regular guy from Delhi, pursuing B.A Program from Delhi College of Arts and Commerce. Looking at him you’ll be amazed how a rather lanky guy like him can do what he does. But this boy, blessed with a sound sense of music, an uncanny ability to imitate the roaring sounds of drums and trumpets, AND, an amazing set of oral fittings, does so, and how!
In a conversation with him:


DU Beat: So, how did you get into beatboxing? 

Well, as a kid I always used to imitate people, Gradually, it led to imitation of sounds as well. That is how I developed interest. I used to do beats, somewhat like 2 years ago I came to know about the art that is beatboxing, so I started working on it, watching videos of other renowned beatboxers on You Tube, adding my own style of course. So, yes, since then, there has been no stopping.


DUB: So, are you associated with some band?

No, I have collaborated with other artists, but, no, haven’t formed a band as yet, but is quite possible, soon.


DUB:  What’s “Beatbox Battle”?

It’s like an organisation of all the beatboxers across the globe, where all of them can connect with each other.Basically, it is about the art of battling each other to judge the best beatboxer around, but in India, there hasn’t been a beatbox battle yet. There are just 120 odd recognised beatboxers in India.


DUB: Do you plan to take it up as a career?

Yes, lately I have been quite involved with music, along with beatboxing I would like to get into music production. I’m currently also working as music critic for a magazine called the “Euphoria Magazine”, which is like India’s first Electronic and Dance Music Magazine. Also, I have my music promotion channel on You Tube. So, if it works out, then I’m definitely viewing it as a career thing.


DUB: So, you’re a critic as well?

Yes, I write for drum and bass. It’s a genre, like house, trance, and kids these days are into dubstep, but yes, drum and bass is my thing. “unz unz unz unz”, this is what trance sounds like!


DUB: So, have your parents been supportive of your choice?

Well, earlier they didn’t get the concept of creating-sounds-from-the-mouth, but its when I started getting gigs that they took it seriously. But my dad was still like “Don’t irritate us with sounds 24×7.” (laughs)


DUB: So, where all have you performed?

I have performed at Café Morrison, the “Comedy Convention” at FICCI Auditorium, at “Red Bull Paper Planes Event”. These are the good ones, but otherwise I have jammed a lot!


DUB: Is your college atmosphere conducive to what you do? Like when you miss classes and all, do you have to struggle for attendance?

Yes, the atmosphere is good. Though the attendance issues are a bit tough to manage, but hopefully from this semester, things shall change!


DUB: People whose work inspires you?

Oh there are many! Reeps one from UK, Beardyman from UK, Babeli from Germany, Tom Thum from Australia, amongst others.


DUB: Has this affected your life in any way?

Well, it has been a part of my life for the past 2 years, so yes my life has changed a lot. People even recognize me as a “walking talking stereo”!


DUB: So, anything you would like to say to the budding beatboxers?

Keep it real, listen to good music, there’s a lot around, the sad part is many beatboxers and musicians try to imitate others. Its better to keep things according to your style. And, don’t listen to  Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and the likes (kidding.)

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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