Sex Amma

Sex Amma

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Amma, my friends tell me that I must wait for the girlfriend to initiate anything, be it hand holding, kissing or sex. I am not so sure of it. Comments?

So yet again we have a macchhi caught in the relationship net and about to be stir fired by his friends. My dearest little bundle of confusion, why do you forget that you both can always talk, you don’t have gills in place out tongues to you?

The key is to be sure of the point when you are ready for, well, some action and then carefully gauge your partner’s willingness. But don’t just sit there and guess, make sure you ask her, or at least start off by holding hands. If you do want to initiate something make her feel comfortable, gain her trust and then proceed.

Once you both have made each other sufficiently comfortable, oh it is Amma’s guarantee that you will be able to experience it all, the sweetness of banana fritters to the crispy zing of banana chips.



You could mail Amma your queries on the ‘hush hush’ topic a[email protected].

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