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Ban on Student Rallies after Harassment Incident

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It’s election time again and all Delhi University political parties are coming out of hibernation. They really wanted to make a mark and what a way they chose.

On 31st August, a girl from Indraprastha College for Women was molested in North Campus. The incident happened in the afternoon on the road opposite Daulat Ram College when a DUSU rally passed by. The girl was in a rickshaw when she got caught in the middle of the procession, was pulled down the rickshaw and harassed by several men.

While this incident happened, several policemen were on duty and did absolutely nothing to help her. One of her close friends described this behavior of the police as preposterous and inhuman. When the university authorities were contacted the first question asked was whether the girl was wearing decent clothes or not. “I was shocked to hear them ask me this question and felt like strangling them through the phone” said another of her classmates.

On 1st September, the college union and several of her close friends along with the victim went to the Commonwealth Sports Complex in North Campus to talk to the Vice Chancellor. The VC had already heard of the event as it went viral on the social network and denied entry to each and every student of IP College. Special orders were given to the guard to not allow the students inside. The students waited outside for half an hour. Finally when the principal Ms. Babli Saraf intervened, the students were allowed inside and given a chance to speak their demands. The students wanted action to be taken on the behavior of the policemen and wanted all such rallies banned. The VC promised to look into the matter and insured that some action would be taken.

Later on the same day, the proctor issued an order banning all rallies and demonstrations in North Campus. Also, not more than four people will be allowed to canvas the area at a time. This probably must be the fastest that DU authorities have responded after filing of a complaint. One of the contesting parties ABVP however, was quoted saying that it will “go ahead with a rally in North Campus in favour of women’s safety despite the ban.”

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