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FYI, it’s Maggi- The Newest Maggi Point on Campus

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Isn’t Maggi just the ideal snack to gorge on? It’s “finger licking good”, easily available and doesn’t stab too hard on your pocket. For your information, it’s Maggi or simply FYI as it is commonly known as among students, is the latest addition to the scores of popular Maggi points situated in North Campus, Delhi University.

To reach there, take the stairs going to down to a basement, in the lane right opposite the Mc Donald’s take away counter. As you open the door, you find yourself in a lively room with walls painted bright yellow and red, and low height tables kept with moodhas and dices. All this accompanied with the quirky but fun menu options (Read: WTF, BRB, LOL Maggi) make it an instant hit with students.

“I love this place. It is ideal for a North campus student as it is close to colleges, provides delicious food at affordable prices and the over-all ambience is great and makes one feel at home.”, says Saheba, a student of Daulat Ram College.

A very interesting feature of this restaurant is the varying versions of Maggi available. You can have your Maggi cooked in red chillies and schezwan or in chowmein style. Maggi kebabs and momos are also a hit among customers. But which is the most popular one?  “I get maximum orders for BTW Maggi that is cooked in cheese and rich, creamy butter.” says a worker of FYI.

“I live in a PG accommodation in Kamla Nagar. So FYI for me is the perfect food joint. Very often I come here with my PG roommates in the night to have food. It’s a good alternative to the boring food at my room.” she adds with a laugh.

Apart from Maggi, FYI also offers cold drinks, juices, ice tea and coffee.

The writer suggests– Increasing the quantity of food in one serving.


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