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Dear Amma, I really like one of my seniors and I think he knows about it too. But the problem is that he graduated from college this year. I wanted to spend some more time with him but that does not seem possible now. What do you recommend? Do I confess my feelings for him and let him take a call on this even though I think he is aware of my feelings for him through our mutual friends?

A. You machchis take so much tension these days that it gives Amma sympathy heart attacks. First of all, you should be glad you have some ogle-worthy senior in college. So, congratulations, because those are really hard to come by.

Now, coming to your dilemma, it seems like a fairly simple one. It seems that you’re fairly sure that you like him and that is extremely important because you don’t want to ruin your friendship. Now all you need to do, my honey dipped idli, is to muster some courage and go tell him exactly how you fell. And the fact that he might already know how you feel will only make it easier. If he says yes, good for you. If he doesn’t, well, at least you know you tried.

As far as spending time together is concerned, you need to keep in mind that graduation is a natural process (unless he’s dumb as a log). If he accepts your proposal, you’d just have to figure out how you can see more of each other. Honestly, Amma knows for a fact that college is usually not the most exciting place to hang out with your boyfriend.

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