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Sex Amma

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I’m gay and my boyfriend is bisexual, and he thinks he “might” marry a girl if his mom pressures. We’ve been going out for 3 years now. He still can’t commit. I’ve tried breaking up, but he says let’s stay together while we can. What should I do Amma?


My paavam, paavam kutty. It’s nice to see that there’s still some innocence left in this world. But because Amma has developed an instant fondness for you she thinks it’s her duty to show you the light. It’s actually quite simple and Amma is amazed you haven’t figured it out on your own. But Amma knows what love feels like. It does blind you, doesn’t it?

So here it is. If your ‘boyfriend’ can’t find it in himself to commit to you after you’ve given him three years of your life, then Amma strongly advices you to rethink your relationship. This seems to be a classic case of ‘I-want-you-but-I-don’t-really-know-if-I-do’. The first thing you need to do is to talk to him and ask him to tell you once and for all whether or not he wants to continue with the relationship. No buts and ifs involved. And there’s nothing like “stay together while we can”. He’s only buying time and you know it, don’t you chakkare?

If he’s still not sure, it is definitely time for you to move on. You seem like a nice boy. And there’s plenty of fish in the sea. If you weren’t gay, Amma would totally have picked you up!


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