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Controversy mars SRCC-Venky football final

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 The incident took place when a tackle by SRCC Captain Ashutosh on Kushagra Rastogi of Venky resulted in an ugly fight between the two players. Soon enough, the other players as well as the SRCC alumni, who had come to watch the match, got involved in a brawl. Finally the coaches intervened and sorted the situation but could not prevent a red card each to Ashutosh and Kushagra.  The incident blemished the final as the incident was talked about more than the match itself. Ashutosh though was cheered by the home crowd after being given the marching orders. When enquired about the incident, Kushagra Rastogi said, “Aggression when overflows results in flaring conflicts off the ball. That being said the opposition player who was involved was, from the start, antagonising me, like stepping on my boots, giving sliding tackles without cause to win the ball. What triggered the outburst was when we were a goal down and I was tackled yet again from behind and the rest as we know is history”.

Although Ashutosh could not be reached, another SRCC player who did not wish to be named said, “It was a spur of the moment thing. Kushagra is a talented player but Venky players should not have messed with the captain and should have respected him.” Shashank Gupta [email protected] ]]>

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