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Friendship Day

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Friendship Day is special to all of us, or at least friendship is. The DUB writers all got together to bring to you some of the most memorable sitcoms, characters, movies that celebrate friendship.

If you’ve heard Bette Midler’s unforgettable ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’, Beaches is where it came from. The story talks of the friendship shared by struggling singer CC Bloom (Bette Midler), a free-spirited Bronx Jew; and the uptight posh San Francisco Protestant Hillary Essex (Barbara Hershey) through thirty years of highs and lows. The realistic evolution of a relationship between two starkly opposite people where they build their own middle ground in the midst of the inevitabilities of life gives us something to relate to at every step and thus makes Beaches highly memorable.

Calvin & Hobbes
Calvin and his (toy) tiger Hobbes share a peculiar relationship, with Hobbes providing the voice of reason, and Calvin the twist, in the relationship. Best seen when on being handed a ‘friendship contract’ by Calvin, Hobbes points out that “people are friends because they want to be, not because they have to be.”

Harry and Hermione
Harry Potter’s relationship with his other best friend, Hermione Granger has the elements of a typical brother- sister relationship. Hermione is the head of R&D of the Harry Potter Adventure Inc., and her friendship with Harry helps both of them see things from a drastically different perspective from each one’s own viewpoint. One wonders if Harry could have emerged victorious, had it not been for the unflinching love and support that he got from Ron and Hermione.

Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn
An unlikely friendship for the time, Finn, the wild ‘un, and Sawyer, the quintessential city slicker. Their mutual fascination for the other’s way of life was the core of their friendship. And being friends in the late 19th century didn’t mean chilling out at pubs, it meant boat escapades down the Mississippi, rescuing slaves, and escaping from bloodthirsty bandits!

Jai and Veeru
There were a lot of memorable characters in the masala masterpience that was Sholay, but none quite endeared to the public as much as the duo of Veeru, played by the hot headed Dharmendra and Jai, played by Amitabh Bacchan (save for Amjad Khan’s badass Gabbar act though, duh). Probably the most famous celluloid friends to ever have been, Jai and Veeru have since become a cult icon, and the fabulous “Yeh Dosti” almost an anthem. Theirs was a friendship of legend, and nothing quite says brotherly bonding like chasing after hot maidens together and royally kicking the ass of the most badass bad guy of all time!

The Little Rascals
Childhood days – the fun and frolic, the innocence and the sense of being carefree. This movie is all that and much more with a bunch of neighbourhood urchins showing their penchant for go-carting and “women hating.” A take on friendship in its most innocent form: the movie has spunk and charm and a fair share of slapstick humor with Alfalfa’s attempts to charm ‘the girl of his dreams’ while Spanky sabotages it all to Butch and Woim’s antics to steal the go-cart. Catch it for its guilelessness!

Any mention of friendship is incomplete without the iconic sitcom, Friends. Love it, hate it, you have to admit that it has its moments. The ritual of the six whiling away time at Central Perk, the complicated relationships and the job woes were amusing. And everybody needs a Chandler for those witticisms!

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