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-Janhavi Mittal and Aina Matthew

How many times have you sat around, scratching your head and wondering which emotion that bunch of brackets, dots and dashes is supposed to convey? With new smileys and rude-ys and disgust-ys and the like entering the cyber scene every other day, the time has come that someone devised a smiley dictionary. So here we are, DU Beat to the rescue as usual. Presenting – The Definitive Emoticon Dictionary!

: ) The smile emoticon. Used when the cute guy says something funny but it’s not quite the LOL moment. Variations include =) :> =] 🙂 C:

: ( The sad emoticon. Attendance beyond hope and no balance to crib about it to friends? Sad emoticon is happy (very very little happy, keeping his nature in mind though) to help. Variations include =( 🙁 =[ :< :C :@ The angry emoticon. Ye kya? Canteen aunty gave you stale toffees instead of change again? Nothing better to express your fury than this emoticon buddy! Variations include :X >: X-(

8) Cool emoticon. So you have a cool new phone. What better way to show off than send this little guy in a text msg to your friends? Variations include B) B-) 😎

😮 Surprised emoticon. What? Proxy system works, man! *insert surprised smiley here* Variations include :-O :0 :-0

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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